Manchester City’s Micah Richards has been enduring a few tough season which have been plagued with injuries which is one of the main reasons on why he has only been able to make 8 appearances for Roberto Mancini during the previous season and this current campaign is not going any better as he only made 9 appearances in all competitions for Manchester City.

The 25 year old English defender has an unclear future as his lack of playing time could be a good reason for him to want to leave Manchester City and he has already expressed his desire on getting more time on the playing ground.

Micah Richards is highly unlikely on getting into the 23 man list of Roy Hogdson which will be going with him to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. The tactician announced that he will be only taking into consideration the players that are active with their respective clubs and Micah Richards does not fit in that criteria.

If he does decide on leaving Manchester City and try to find more playing time on another club, City will surely receive offers for the player who has shown his abilities and still is young enough to play in just about any league from around the world.

When Richards made his debut season with Manchester City, he was named as the club’s Young Player of the Year which was back during the 2005-06 season and when Stuart Price was the head coach of Manchester City, Price stated that he has never worked with anyone so good at such a young age.

Stuart Pearce said “I am not actively looking to sell Micah because he has a great future here. Whatever offers come in for him, it is going to take a ridiculously big offer to get him out of this football club. I would love to see Micah stay here, captain the club, and maybe be here for 10 years and carry the club on his back if he can. He is good enough to do it. I have not worked with anyone so good and so young.”