Despite having been relegated from the Premier League with their defeat against Manchester United, Micah Richards still have hopes that Aston Villa will be back at the top level.

This hopes lies in the quality of the Villa academy players.

Micah Richards recognize that this has been a miserable season not only for the players but also the fans. But he believes that the team should keep faith in the academy players and sooner or later they will be back in the top flight.

One of those players is Jack Grealish, and Richards has been amazed at the quality that the player possesses.

Micah Richards says that Grealish has incredible skills when it comes to getting on the ball, running at players and opening up defences with his passing skills. He believes Jack Grealish’s season has been hindered by injuries this term, but he expects him to fulfill his full potential in the near future.

Other players that have impressed Micah Richards are Jordan Lyden and Andre Green. These players have been fantastic ever since they made their debut in the senior squad. Just like Jack Grealish, both players have come through the Aston Villa’s academy, and this is what gives Richards hope that Aston Villa will be able to bounce back from their problems.

Richards recognize that the fans have not seen a lot of positive things from the team this season, but he has encouraged them to keep trust in the academy players. He believes that these players do have the necessary talent to help the team. But they need to be given time so as to be able to fulfill the potential for the Aston Villa team. He has urged the fans to stay behind the team even in this challenging situation.