Micah Richards is a player that used to perform in the Premier League at a consistent basis and at a high level as he was a performer of Manchester City a few years ago but the English defender has slowly been losing his influence and impact in the world of football.

The veteran defender spent 10 seasons performing with Manchester City before being released on June of 2015 where he consequently would join Aston Villa and his career would start to experience a decline.

Even with the arrival of Micah Richards, Aston Villa was relegated to the 2nd tier English football league, the English League Championship and in the 2016-17 season, Richards only made 2 appearances and now his future is up in the air.

The contract of Micah Richards in Aston Villa extends until 2019 but considering his lack of playing time and almost non-existential role in the English club, other clubs could take this opportunity to swoop in and sign a player who has experience competing in top competitions including the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League.

During his debut season as a player of Aston Villa, Micah Richards was actually the on-field captain of the club but his role in Villa Park has seriously diminished and questions are being asked in relation to the future of Richards as he is reaching the 29 year old mark and spending the final years of his career on the sidelines is not something that any player would want to do.

With the 2017 summer transfer window just a few weeks away from kicking off, managers will be looking around for possible targets that can be signed in order to reinforce their respective squads and Micah Richards is a solid defensive option for almost any club and that can be signed without really having to splash out huge amounts of cash.