Manchester City defender Micah Richards has said that it will be years before Manchester City have the same kind of mentality as Manchester United. Manchester United are well known around the world to have a winning mentality that has kept them going as one of the best teams in England for the last two decades.

However, their supremacy at the top has been challenged by their arch rivals Manchester City, who threaten to become much better than United within a span a few years. City have a real chance of winning the title this season, but Richards reckons that it will take more than just one Premier league title to provide the club with a winning mentality.

City have the opportunity to add to the FA Cup they won last season. Winning the Premier league title this season would also give them the opportunity to send home Manchester United without a trophy for the first time in more than eight years. The last time Manchester United finished without a trophy in the season was back in 2004-05. Richards has played a huge role in helping Manchester City attain this position in the Premier league. Even though he has played less football in the last few weeks, he is happy to help City in any way.

“But they always find a way. When you play United you always know it’s drilled into them: ‘We have to win.’ Even when I was playing against them in the under-14s they would always go right to the last minute. They just never wanted to lose. At City we’ve got 20 to 25 internationals, we all want to play and, when you don’t, you get upset and it’s hard to deal with sometimes,” said Micah Richards in a recent interview given to the British tabloid Guardian.