Former England international Viv Anderson has said that he feels that Manchester city defender Micah Richards made a major decision that has proven to be faithful at the international level for his career.

The Manchester city defender was chosen as the backup player for the England national team that will be playing at the Euro 2012 by England manager Roy Hodgson. However, the 24-year-old declined the opportunity to be part of the backup squad, according to the Man City news website.

As luck would have it, England lost the Chelsea defender Gary Cahill to injury just prior to the start of the tournament. Due to the fact that Micah Richards was not on the back of squad, England manager Roy Hodgson decided to call up Liverpool defender Martin Kelly, who is vastly inexperienced in comparison with Richards. Jack Wilshere was also forced to pull out.

Viv Anderson has said that he feels that Micah Richards could have been training with the England team at the Euro 2012 had he been more humble. If Micah Richards had accepted the offer of being in the backup squad, then he would have been training with the England players at the Euro 2012 according to Viv Anderson. Despite having a good season with Manchester City, during which he won the Premier league title for the first time in his career, Roy Hodgson decided not to select Richards for the first-team.

“I would have taken Micah Richards but he refused to go on the standby list so we had no option really. We had to go with Kelly. I was surprised when he wasn’t in the original squad because he can play several positions. He played centre-half for Man City at one stage and he can play as a holding midfield player so he can cover a few positions there. He had a really good season with Man City but didn’t play the latter part,” Anderson told talkSPORT.